Focus on the Core Business of Teaching and Learning

Schools exist for the academic, social and emotional development of all students. The core business of teaching and learning is to identify the practices, tools, and resources necessary to meet the needs of all students to break the links between race, ethnicity, class and academic outcomes. The tools in this section of the toolkit address multiple aspects of teaching and learning, all focused on heightening our ability to developing the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students.

Thoughtful and Disciplined Use of Evidence-Based Accountability

Successful districts develop strategies and measurable outcomes to address challenges faced in their service to the learning of all children. By using evidence, districts and schools can continuously refine and improve practices, systems and results for breaking the links between race, ethnicity, class and academic outcomes. The tools in this section promote the thoughtful and disciplined use of evidence.

Multi-Level Leadership Development

To promote the development of all students, leaders must be present at all levels. As such, school districts should always be looking to develop leaders—across district, departments and schools. The tools in this section are focused on developing leadership capacity on all levels to effectively promote the academic and social development of all students.

Promote Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is about (1) establishing what a defined goal looks, feels, and sounds like, then (2) working together to move beyond “knowing” to learning, learning how to increase both individual and organizational capacity AS REQUIRED BY our shared understanding of what our defined goal is, and finally (3) understanding complexity; how complexity impacts outcomes, the shift from finding the source of change (placing blame) to understanding the opportunity of change (to make the organization thrive)!

Facilitate Tough Conversations

This section of the Panasonic Foundation Toolkit includes resources aimed at increasing understanding to frame the essential issues while at the same time increasing skill and confidence to facilitate courageous conversations that cannot be avoided if we are ever to succeed in creating systems of public education where ALL children thrive and achieve high standards of learning.

Mobilize Strategic Alliances

The work required to break the links in any district extends beyond the school building. Partnerships are essential for the resources, institutional memory and access they afford schools. A district’s success can often be linked to their ability to form and mobilize strategic partnership toward a shared vision.

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